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In Memory

Dr. Lucile "Doc" Nye Schober

Dr. Lucile Nye Schober - or more commonly known as "Doc" - was born on April 28, 1919 and passed away from a heart attack on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at the age of 92. She is survived by her only daughter, Stefani Schober. There will be a private ceremony held in her honor. In lieu of flowers or cards, please make a donation in her honor to

Doc lived a long and full life. She graduated from medical school in 1941 and said her days in med school were challenging because of the daily verbal abuse she sustained from her male counterparts. Even so, she persevered and graduated at the top of her class in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine. As a naturopathic physician in that era she was given full hospital privileges and worked similarly as a modern DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine).

Doc's specialty was in obstetrics and gynecology and was a pioneer in the homebirth movement. Over the years she successfully delivered thousands of babies at home and brought her daughter Stefani with her on some of the homebirths. Over the years she delivered the babies of many of movie stars, celebrities, musicians, and other people involved in the entertainment and movie business around the Los Angeles area.

In 1964 Doc decided that her life was not complete without a child so she adopted her only daughter, Stefani from a client who did not want to have children. She and her family lived in Pacoima until the late 1960's and then moved to Simi Valley for a few years until finally settling in Moorpark. She moved her practice at the same time from Van Nuys Boulevard to Pasadena where she ran a successful homebirth practice for many years until the medical board decided to take away her rights as a naturopath and reverted her licensure to chiropractic. She fought long and hard to keep her birthing rights, but she eventually lost that fight when she threatened to be thrown in prison.

Her next move was to Reno Nevada where at the time naturopaths were permitted to deliver babies at home. However, within a few years the state followed California's suit and made her work illegal forcing her to once again move her practice and follow her passion elsewhere.

In 1995 she moved to Blackfoot Idaho - one of the few places in the country that allowed naturopaths to deliver babies. Even at 76 years of age, Doc was actively delivering babies day and night. Unfortunately in 1998 she had her first fall and broke her knee. Shortly thereafter she broke her other knee due to another slip and fall on the ice over the winter. With her mobility slightly impaired from her knee injuries, she again fell and broke her hip. However, being the stubborn fighter that she was, she always rebounded to full recovery.

Sadly, in early 2005 she sustained a serious injury to her other hip when she fell once again on the ice and was hospitalized for a very long time. The doctor that was assigned to her case in Pocatello Idaho caused her more harm by prescribing her oral administrations of Toradol for pain management. The toxic levels that were administered to her caused massive ulcerations and gastrointestinal bleeding, along bleeding in her brain. As a result of her doctor's negligence, Doc's very mild senility turned into full-blown dementia overnight thus turning the tides in her life from physician to patient where she remained in nursing care until her passing in August 2011.

The first nursing facility where Doc was placed in Pocatello Idaho wasn't the best environment for her, so it was at that point when Stefani moved her to Colorado so she could be close to her mother. Over the course of the following six years, Doc was relocated to wherever Stefani moved to. She travelled to Colorado, California, back to Idaho, and finally to Nevada.

Over the years Stefani and her family learned a lot about skilled nursing homes and they were always actively involved in all of her care - including her passing and cremation. Stefani would visit her mother many times each week bringing her foods she loved like chocolate protein milk shakes, Twinkies, and sweet deserts. On holidays and miscellaneous events, Doc would be taken home for a day or two or would be taken out for a drive around town.

In September of this year Doc will be taken out for her final fishing trip. The Neptune Society will set sail out of Long Beach California and Doc's remains will be set free in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean.

I can not think of any better way to continue on her life to the next than to take her to the beach that she loved, surfed in, boated in, fished in, and took me to as a child. Plus, it is also the burial place of my biological father and grandparents - so every trip to the beach will be a tribute to their memories.

I miss you so much Doc. My heart aches deeply. I did everything I could to keep you comfortable at the end, and I pray that I made the right decisions for your care. I won't know until I cross over and we meet again. Until then - I know that you have always loved me and that I love you very much.

Love your daughter,